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  • SmartRoom Lab

CAV3D Dataset
Recordings from a sensing platform consisting of a monocular colour camera co-located with an 8-element circular microphone array with annotated 3D tracks

Image Enhancement Datasets and Software
Datasets of real-world color images, acquired by different devices, in indoor and outdoor environments, under different light conditions, including low-light and back-light

SALSA Dataset
Multi-camera plus sociometric badges recording for multi-modal social scene analysis (60mins, 18 participants) with ground-truth and personality scores

CocktailParty Dataset
Multi-view dataset with calibration and ground-truth for the computer vision analysis of conversational groups

Multi-camera People Tracking Datasets
Several sequences recorded in a lab and a hallway of our building with camera calibration and ground-truth

VENTURI Mountain Dataset
A collection of 12 outdoor sequences with camera pose ground-truth recorded with a smartphone

SmartWatch Gestures Dataset
Arm gesture recognition dataset recorded using the 3-axis accelerometer of a Sony SmartWatch™

DPOSE Dataset
Multi-view dataset containing 18 freely moving subjects with head pose ground truth

DIPLODOC Road Stereo Sequence
Labeled road stereo sequence taken from an in-vehicle camera for evaluation of road detection algorithms

Ground-truth for COIL and Ground-Truth for PonceDB
Labeled images for object recognition tests

SmartRoom Lab
We have a laboratory room equipped with several fixed and PTZ cameras, as well as microphone arrays. The lab is shared with the SHINE and 3DOM reseach units of FBK and used also as a demo room.

FBK Hallway Camera Network
We have a multi-camera installation in a large open hallway of FBK. It is used for data collection and experimentation of people monitoring developments. 

ITEA Domotic Home
FBK has access to a domotic home run by ITEA, the Trento Housing Authority. The home is equipped with a domotic system and a multi-camera and microphone network. The domotic system allows to control lights, television, windows and shutters. The domotic home was used as an Integration Test site for the ACUBE assisted living project.

for the development of deep learning algorithms.