databases and lab


TeV makes available some of its datasets collected for research purposes.

SALSA Dataset - Multi-camera plus sociometric badges recording for multi-modal social scene analysis (60mins, 18 participants) with ground-truth and personality scores

CocktailParty Dataset - Multi-view dataset with calibration and ground-truth for the computer vision analysis of conversational groups

Image Enhancement Datasets and Software - Datasets of real-world color images, acquired by different devices, in indoor and outdoor environments, under different light conditions, including low-light and back-light

VENTURI Mountain Dataset - A collection of 12 outdoor sequences with camera pose ground-truth recorded with a smartphone

SmartWatch Gestures Dataset - Arm gesture recognition dataset recorded using the 3-axis accelerometer of a Sony SmartWatch™

DIPLODOC Road Stereo Sequence - Labeled road stereo sequence taken from an in-vehicle camera for evaluation of road detection algorithms


TeV manages an area lab dedicated to:

  • data acquisition for machine learning

  • algorithm testing (e.g. people tracking)

  • robotic interactions

  • demos

LAB space of TeV. Persons walk for a tracking experiment