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Technologies of Vision (TeV) is a Research Unit included in the Digital Industry Center of Fondazione Bruno Kessler. The TeV team, in its overall concept, has been conducting research into Computer Vision, Image Analysis and Visual Pattern Recognition since 1986. Our activities range from fundamental research to development activities, with the aim of advancing research in computer vision and boosting the technology readiness level of application in industrial scenarios, all with a system-level perspective.


In line with the mission of FBK, which aims to achieve results of scientific excellence and to produce an impact on society, the strategic vision of the TeV research unit revolves around the fundamental values of the Digital Industry Center: scientific excellence and an orientation towards solutions for industrial problems. 

More specifically, TeV's mission is to find/create solutions for problems in domains such as safety in industrial environments, 3d scene reconstruction and object recognition for robotic manipulation, and digital twins to replicate complex processes, by applying scientific results gained from our research in Computer Vision.

Computer Vision is a non-invasive technology that aims to extract knowledge from visual data. TeV's research focuses on the study and development of innovative techniques for understanding visual inputs with explainable Computer Vision methods. The topics currently covered are grouped as:


Computer Vision Trento Symposium, FBK,12 June 2024

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A new position for an industrial PhD position in Technologies of Vision - FBK in collaboration with SI-Media is available!
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