Michela received her Master Degree in Mathematics from the University of Trento, Italy. She is currently researcher at the Research Unit Technologies of Vision of Fondazione Bruno Kessler of Trento, Italy. Her research interests include automatic object recognition, image retrieval, semantic image labeling, color constancy, color correction, and low-level image processing. From 2014, Michela collaborates with the research Unit IRIS (FBK-CMM) on hardware-oriented computer vision topics.

Michela took part to the program committee of many editions of Applied Computing Machine Symposia, and carries on a reviewing activity for several international conferences. She is a member of the International Association for Pattern Recognition - Associazione Italiana per la ricerca in Computer Vision, Pattern recognition e machine Learning IAPR - CVPL (ex GIRPR), As a member of the Gruppo Italiano del Colore - Associazione Italiana Colore (GdC-AIC) (2013-2018), she co-authored a column of the GdC-AIC bilingual journal Culura e Scienza del Colore / Colour Culture and Science.

FBK Learning & Development Courses

Michela took parts as listener to the following FBK training activities:

  • COVID-19: a che punto siamo? (con S. Merler e A. De Santa, #menoviruspiùconoscenza, 10/07/2020)

  • Clima, benessere e conciliazione in FBK (con Gruppo di lavoro SLC - FBK, IRVAPP, Families Share, Servizio HR, #menoviruspiùconoscenza, 30/06/2020)

  • Riflessioni nel periodo dell’emergenza (con F. Sbattella, #menoviruspiùconoscenza, 24/03/2020)

  • 100 minuti insieme – Cambiamenti tra: passato, presente e futuro (con Alfieri, Dolci, Bacci e l’intervento del Presidente Prof. F. Profumo, #menoviruspiùconoscenza, 27/05/2020)

  • Industry 4.0 (08/10/2019)

  • Infographics & data visualization (17/04/2018)

  • Comunicare FBK (10/11/2017)

  • Comunicare la Scienza / Media Writing (14/09/2017)


  • April 2021: project CORVO is presented on a radio broadcast.

  • March, 2021: A new measure for image contrast based on Retinex principles is published on IEEE TIP.

  • February 10, 2021: Michela was chair of a Session on "Image and Video Formation, Preprocessing and Analysis" of the conference VISAPP 2021.

  • February 5, 2021: The results of the reasearch on organoids analysis based on image processing, carried out by FBK, Free University of Verona, University of Verona and Azienda Ospedaliera Integrata of Verona, are shortly described here (English version here).

  • January 7, 2021: Michela gets the OSA Reviewer Certification.

  • July 2020: two new videos about the low-power vision sensor deveoped under the EU Project FORENSOR are available. The first video illustrates how the sensor works, displaying all the results at each step of the algorithm implemented in, from frame acquisition to the alert generation. The second video shows on right a gray-level video of a noisy scenario with a moving boat, in the midle the event detected by our sensor and on left the event detected by a frame difference algorithm. An extended explanation about this comparison is available in the paper Y. Zou, M. Gottardi, M. Lecca, M. Perenzoni, "A Low-Power VGA Vision Sensor With Embedded Event Detection for Outdoor Edge Applications", IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, see: 10.1109/JSSC.2020.3005759 (see figure 7 a, b, c).

  • March 2020: a paper about the need for multiple measures to assess the quality of film restoration is published here. An App in MatLab (MoReCo) for the computation of some measures relevant to assess the quality of film restoration is also provided, read in the paper how to get it !

Some relevant past activities

  • September 2019: Michela is a Publication Chair of the Int. Conference on image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP 2019, Trento, IT, 9-13 Sept. 2019)

  • April 2019: New datasets for image enhancement are online! Have a look !

  • April 2019: an executable of the spatial color algorithm GREAT has been published on the TeV web pages along with several data for evaluating image enhancers - See Image Enhancement Datasets and Software

  • January 24, 2019: Michela illustrates the cover of the book Theoretical Physics for Biological Systems, now available on market.

  • January 07, 2019: a web app of Forensor made avaiable on https://forensor-simulator.fbk.eu

  • November 2018-May 2019: Michela collaborates with University of Verona (IT), Dept. of Medicine to develop a software for detecting organoids and computing their volumes over time. A first verison of this tool has been presented at SIAM - IS, in Bologna (IT), June 2018, and at the 32nd Annual North America Cystic Fibrosis Conference, in USA, October 2018.

  • August 2018: Michela is a Guest Editor of the Special Issue on J. of Imaging Image Enhancement, Modeling and Visualization. The call for paper is published on the journal website, deadline on August 12, 2018 (EXTENDED!)

  • February 2018: Michela is a co-organizer of the Workshop "Mathematics for COmputer Vision" (MCV 2018), hosted by FBK - ICT on February 15-16, 2018.

  • September 2017: Michela, along with her colleagues at IRIS, participates at the Notte dei Ricercatori and presented some outcomes of the EU Project FORENSOR (Visione Intelligente a Basso Consumo / Ecco la telecamera anti-crimine!).

  • March 2017: Michela presents a Tutorial on Retinex theory at the 6th Computational Color Imaging Workshop (Milano, Italy).

  • December 2016 - December 2018: Michela collaborates with the Journal "Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science" of the Gruppo del Colore - Associazione Italiana Colore. in which she co-authored the Column Communications and Comments.

  • 2015-2016: Michela led a Research in Pairs with the University of Trento, Department of Mathematics, and the University of Milano, Department of Computer Science. The main findings of this research have been published on JOSA A and on IEEE TIP.