industrial robotics


The goal of the project is to build a robotic manipulator system to manage the loading process on a frame pieces that are to undergo a surface galvanizing process.

Cinetix Group is an Italian company composed of different partners operating in several high-tech fields, including industrial design and automation. Final clients are coating companies operating complex and heterogeneous coating tasks.

TeV's goal is to develop 3d vision algorithms to help define the action of two robotic arms in grasping pieces, loading them onto the frame, and unloading after the galvanic process. An important step is the accurate pose estimation of the frame in the 3d space and of the free mounting pins to communicate the destination point to the robotic system, and after its loading, to verify the correct positioning of the piece.

The project started in September 2018 with end in August 2020 (2y).


Project partially funded by Provincia Autonoma di Trento (Italy) under L.P. 6/99.

elaboration of the frame: pair of pins are detected
Pairs of pins (same color) automatically detected analyzing the acquisition of the empty frame
Balls are the spherical neighborhood centered on pin pairs, to verify the correct positioning of pieces and to detect free pins

Contact: Fabio Poiesi (

Team: Fabio Poiesi, Stefano Messelodi


Cinetix Group

Video demo Two robotic arms collaborate to prepare racks for galvanic process. The destination points are computed by the vision system.