drug logistics


The Riedl Phasys system is a cabinet equipped with a robotic gripper, used in drug logistics, both for private pharmacies and large plants in hospitals and wholesalers premises. The goal of the project is the creation of a prototype that will serve the purpose of improving the performance of the Riedl Phasys robotic cabinet, intervening in the loading step refilling all the "drawers" of the robotic cabinet. 

A robot currently available can load, in complete autonomy, about 200 pieces per hour, often forcing the operator to resort to manual loading. The challenge is to make it capable of handling all kinds of packages, including cylindrical ones, to work in smaller spaces than the current automatic loading system, with higher performance in terms of speed  and degree of reliability compared to the competitors. 

The collaboration started in February 2020 with a feasibility study. The project ends in June 2022.



FBK coordinator: Fabio Poiesi (poiesi@fbk.eu)