human-robot interaction

FORTISMulti-Modal and Multi-Aspect Holistic Human-Robot Interaction

FORTIS project focuses on providing a human-centric solution that includes multi-modal communication and multi-aspect interaction allowing human and robots to work together efficiently and safely in sectors such as industry, construction, and healthcare.

Abstract: The European Union (EU) has experienced a decline in employment rates in various sectors such as industry, construction, and healthcare, with an aging workforce exacerbating the issue. To improve overall life standards and welfare, the EU's Horizon Europe programme is investing in emerging technology such as robotics and AI. 

FORTIS specifically focuses on providing a complete Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) solution that includes multi-modal communication and multi-aspect interaction. The goal is to develop a human-centric solution that addresses the needs of both the human workforce and the robots, allowing them to work together efficiently and safely. With cutting-edge research and advanced technology, this solution can help to mitigate the negative effects of an aging workforce on employment, working conditions, and welfare in the EU.

The project will conduct three main pilots in the sectors of construction, infrastructure services, and manufacturing. These pilots will provide a total of 5 use cases to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of the Human-Robot Interaction.

Moreover, FORTIS will allocate a portion of the budget to finance pilots that allow civilians to interact with the robots in different settings, such as healthcare, public events, shopping centers, and grocery stores. This will provide an opportunity to evaluate the performance of the HRI solution in various real-world scenarios.

Keywords: Industrial AI, Human robot interaction



Project ID


Type of action: HORIZON-IA
Start date: 01/02/2024
Duration: 48 Months




Contact: Paul I. Chippendale

Team: TeV team