AI-PRISM: AI Powered human-centred Robot Interactions for Smart Manufacturing

The goal of the project AI-PRISM is to deliver a human-centered AI-based solutions ecosystem (with and without a physical embodiment) targeted to manufacturing scenarios with tasks difficult to automate (requiring complex perception and manipulation operations) and in which speed and versatility are essential to satisfy customer demand. The result will be an integrated, scalable and yet installation-specific solution for semi-automated and collaborative manufacturing in flexible production processes. The project will integrate and adapt novel AI approaches, methods, and techniques to enable collaborative robots, AGV and automation systems to acquire optimised perception and cognitive capabilities upon interaction with environment, products, other systems and humans, within changing dynamic and partially unpredictable manufacturing scenarios.


  • consortium coordinated by NTT DATA SPAIN, with 3 partners and 22 participants from 12 countries,

including Fondazione Bruno Kessler (specifically TeV and ES research units)


Grant agreement No:
Type of action: HORIZON-IA
Start date: 01/0
Duration: 36 Months

Kick Off - 4 Oct 2022

AI Prism kick off meeting


Contact for TeV: Paul I. Chippendale

Contact for ES: Andrea Micheli

Team: TeV and ES research units