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In TeV, we have several research projects for bachelor and masters students interested in internships of 3-6 months on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for

  • object recognition

  • mixed reality

  • 3D computer vision

  • and other related fields.

Students will have access to our resources and will work in tight collaboration with our senior researchers, addressing very challenging and advanced research issues. Please take a look on some of the past student projects!

For further information, please contact Stefano Messelodi (TeV coordinator), or Fabio Poiesi (student contact).


Open calls

  • A PhD founded position available by TeV on Deep learning for vision-based scene understanding. Deadline past (6 set 2022)

info at UniTN (scholarship A7)

Supervised learning is a popular mechanism to teach machines vision-based tasks and skills. However, human supervision is a bottleneck for building generic machines that can operate across different contexts, environments and applications. Ideally, machines should develop their own effective and possibly creative strategies for using the sensed data and their experience to continually learn without humans at their side. The research activities related to this PhD position will focus on building novel deep learning-based vision algorithms to teach machines to seamlessly understand environments through 2D or 3D perception.

Contact: Stefano Messelodi messelod@fbk.eu

To apply: Doctoral Programme in Information Engineering and Computer Science 38th cycle - Second Call


Past calls

  • One research and development position in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning (4 July 2022)

  • One research position in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning (2 Feb 2021)

  • One research and development position in the field of visual scene understanding (2 Feb 2021)

  • One Tenure Track position for Researcher in TeV (13 Nov 2020)