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In TeV, we have several research projects for bachelor and masters students interested in internships of 3-6 months on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for

  • object recognition

  • mixed reality

  • 3D computer vision

  • and other related fields.

Students will have access to our resources and will work in tight collaboration with our senior researchers, addressing very challenging and advanced research issues. Please take a look on some of the past student projects!

For further information, please contact Stefano Messelodi (TeV coordinator), or Fabio Poiesi (student contact).


Open calls

  • A research and development position in the field of computer vision and machine learning

Call: here (Application deadline: 27 June 2022; + 1w extension!)

Past calls

  • One research position in the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning (2 Feb 2021)

  • One research and development position in the field of visual scene understanding (2 Feb 2021)

  • One Tenure Track position for Researcher in TeV. (13 Nov 2020)