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SmarTrack - Multi-person Tracker

SmarTrack is a multi-camera person tracking system. It computes the ground location of people utilizing a coarse shape-plus-color signature, and is designed to work effectively in multi-person scenario where frequent and persistent occlusions occur among the persons. How it works in brief:

  • For detection, a ground occupancy map is generated using motion features extracted from multiple views. The modes of the map represent those ground locations that most likely explain the image motion under a 3D human shape hypothesis. In a verification step, every mode of the occupancy map is tested for consistency of shape-model projection and extracted image motion: if confirmed, a new track is instantiated and a colour descriptor is extracted from shape-model projections to form a 3D shape-plus-appearance model of the new target.
  • For tracking, a particle filter updates ground location hypotheses using these 3D shape-plus-appearance models. The course-of-dimension induced by appearance dependencies (notably, occlusions) leading to exponential complexity in multi-target tracking is hereby overcome: predictions are updated with a joint occlusion-aware shape-model projection under a quadratic complexity upper bound, leading to a scalable solution to multi-person tracking.

People tracking

A more detailed project description is available here. Recent research objectives are described here.

Patents: US7965867 EP2302589 US8436913 EP1879149

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