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MEMORI - object recognizer

MEMORI is a memory-based system for the detection and recognition of objects in digital images.

It is a user friendly tool for content-based image annotation and for browsing digital catalogs by visual keywords. The objects to be recognized into an input image are represented by a 2D multi view model and each view is described by a set of visual features including color, shape and edges. The recognition is carried out by segmenting the input image and by merging adjacent segments  into regions, described by the same features of the object views. The grouping process is guided by some heuristic rules, whose parameters are automatically estimated, and it outputs one or more image regions which are visually similar to the object to be recognized. No user interaction is required, although the system also allows the user to interact for visualizing partial results or algorithmic details or to grab an image portion when the object search can be restricted.

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Image retrieval by content analysis

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Michela Lecca, Stefano Messelodi