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CocktailParty Dataset - multi-view dataset for social behavior analysis

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CocktailParty dataset contains about 30 minutes of video recordings of a cocktail party in a 30m lab environment involving 6 subjects.

It was recorded using four synchronized angled-view cameras (15Hz, 512x384px, jpeg) installed in the corners of the room. Subject’s positions and horizontal head orientations where logged using a particle filter-based body tracker with head pose estimation. The dataset is challenging for video analysis due to frequent and persistent occlusions, in a highly cluttered scene. Groups in one frame every 5 seconds were annotated manually by an expert, resulting in a total of 320 distant frames for evaluation.

Disclaimer: CocktailParty dataset can be used for research or academic purposes only. The dataset has been published along with the paper referenced below.


Note on usage: although the dataset is multi-view, some groups working on single-view approaches have used only CAM1 data for their results (e.g. as we did in our ICCV15 paper cited below).

Camera Calibration:

  • Calibration files for CAM1 CAM2 CAM3 CAM4 generated using checkerboard pattern and OpenCV
  • C++ code to compute the image projection of a 3D point from the calibration files
  • CHECK THIS OUT bash script to learn about how to use the annotations


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