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Activity and Scene Analysis


NETCARITY - A NETworked multisensor system for elderly people: health CARe, safety and securITY in home environment - is an EC FP6 project that proposes a new integrated paradigm for supporting independence and engagement in elderly people living alone at their own home place.

CHIL - Computers in the Human Interaction Loop is a FP6 IST project. Explore and create environments in which computers serve humans who focus on interacting with other humans as opposed to having to attend to and being preoccupied by the machines themselves.

DIPLODOC - DIstributed Processing of LOcal Data for On-line Car services project is to design and develop a system based on a distributed architecture where intelligent vehicles communicate with a remote traffic control center.

PROGETTO PILOTA - Vision-Based Traffic Parameters for Quantifying Accident Risk project targets the development of new methods for the automatic collection of visual traffic parameters describing the road users behavior in order to build an accident risk map. Objective is the quantification of the accident risk mitigation by changing some physical characteristics of the road structure.


SCOCA - Traffic Analyzer is a video-based junction monitoring system that is able to extract and collect traffic data in real-time by analysing video sequences acquired from monocular pole-mounted cameras.