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Statistical Analysis in Complex Visual Scenes

Along with the deployment of video surveillance in public spaces, there is a increasing demand of automatic analysis tools able to extract typical and anomalous patterns in complex scenes. We have developed and field-tested traffic analysis tools for monitoring road intersections and queues. We also study statistical methods for analyzing complex visual scenes involving people and their activities.

Selected publications:

D. Xu, E. Ricci, Y. Yan, J. Song, N. Sebe: Learning Deep Representations of Appearance and Motion for Anomalous Event Detection. British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 7 – 10 September 2015, Swansea, UK (oral)

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E. Ricci, F. Tobia, G. Zen: Learning Pedestrian Trajectories with Kernels. International Conference on Pattern Recognition - ICPR 2010, Istanbul, Turkey, August 23-26, 2010, pp. 149-152

Research topics: