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Social Signal Processing

Non-verbal behavior, including but not limited to gaze, facial expression and body language, is extremely significant in human interaction. In the analysis of group behavior some key variables are the proximity and focus of attention indicating the object or person one is attending to. We apply computer vision monitoring in combination with other sensing modalities (e.g. audio) to explore the relationship between proxemics, visual attention, social signals and personality traits during interaction.

Selected publications:

G. Zen, B. Lepri, E. Ricci, O. Lanz: Space Speaks - Towards Socially and Personality Aware Visual Surveillance. Multimodal Pervasive Video Analysis Workshop - MPVA 2010, Satellite workshop of ACMMM 2010, Firenze, Italy, October 29, 2010, pp. 37-42

R. Subramanian, Y. Yan, J. Staiano, O. Lanz, N. Sebe: On the relationship between head pose, social attention and personality prediction for unstructured and dynamic group interactions. ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction - ICMI, Sydney, Australia, 9-13 December 2013

F. Setti, O. Lanz, R. Ferrario, V. Murino, M. Cristani: Multi-scale f-formation discovery for group detection. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing - ICIP, Melbourne, Australia, 13-18 September 2013

Research topics: