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The VENTURI Mountain Dataset is a collection of 12 outdoor sequences, each of them enriched with carefully verified Ground Truth (GT) data.

Several information are attached to the video-clips. Some of them are obtained directly from the smartphone, used as acquisition device, such as the intrinsic parameters of the camera, and the geo-location (latitude, longitude, altitude).

Other information needed a semi-automatic labelling, such as the list of geographical toponyms visible from the acquisition location,

Furthermore, for each frame of the video-clips, a set of 2D points representing correspondences with analogous points in other frames have been provided. Point identities are coherent across the same sequence, i.e. the same real world point has always the same ID in all frames where it appears.

During the stage the students contributed  to manually label the point correspondences.

To learn the importance of ground-truth as a rigorous tool for the development or performance measure of algorithms.
Monday, 18 June, 2012
2 weeks

Liceo Scientifico Galilei - Fabiana Mori
Liceo Classico Prati - Jacopo Strapparava

FBK - Michele Zanin