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EIT TIK - The Interaction Toolkit

TIK- The Interaction Toolkit is a EIT ICT Labs 2012-2013 Activity. It delivers re-usable tools in 3 areas:
- Foresight studies and catalogues of technologies
- Methods of design and evaluation
- Interaction techniques and frameworks packaged mostly as code

Task 12205-A1320 Live Monitoring-FBK Contribution foresees the deployment of multi-camera people tracking and head pose estimation technology to the hallway of the ICT Labs Trento node co-location center. After set-up and calibration/tuning, we will perform experimentation with real users in the public space. It can be used to provide ambient feedback, to render public displays reactive to the presence of people, or for analytics.
Tuesday, 1 January, 2013 to Tuesday, 31 December, 2013
12 months

Activity Lead: J. Crowley, INRIA
Task Partner: N. Sebe, U Trento

EIT ICT Labs Activity
Unit role: 

Task Leader 12205-A1320 Live Monitoring-FBK Contribution

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