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Oswald Lanz

Permanent researcher
  • Phone: 0461314511
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

I am Research Scientist at Fondazione Bruno Kessler - FBK and former head of the computer vision research Unit TeV of FBK.

My research belongs to the area of computer vision and machine learning and is centered on methods and systems for video understanding and 3d scene analysis. I have worked extensively on object tracking, audio-visual trackinghead pose estimation and group detection for behavior analysis. My current focus is on representation learning for video.


2020.07: News featured on FBK Magazine.

2020.06: Receiving the AWS Machine Learning Research Award.

2020.06: We ranked 3rd place in the CVPR'20 EPIC Kitchens Action Recognition challenge.

2020.02: Gate-Shift Networks (GSM) accepted at CVPR'20 main program.

2020.02: We are organizing a Workshop on Image and Video Question Answering.

2019.12: GSM is state of the art in action recognition.

2019.12: Journal Paper accepted at IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

2019.11: I gave an invited talk at ICCV'19 Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing workshop in Seoul, Korea.

2019.11: Let's welcome Alex, new PhD student on the topic of video question answering.

2019.07: Paper accepted at ICCV'19 main program. 

2019.07: I gave a seminar Learning to Recognize Actions in Video at Siena Artificial Intelligence Lab.

2019.06: Swathikiran defended his PhD thesis and graduated with cum laude mark.

2019.06: We ranked 3rd place in the CVPR'19 EPIC Kitchens Action Recognition challenge. Tech Report available here.

2019.06: I gave a seminar on our work on action recognition at FBK Spring of AI seminar series.

2019.04: Paper accepted at ICIP'19 main program.

2019.02: Long Short-Term Attention (LSTA) accepted at CVPR'19 main program.

2019.02: Paper accepted at ICASSP'19 main program.

2019.01: Journal Paper accepted at ACM MultiMedia.

2019.01: Journal Paper accepted at Intelligenza Artificiale special issue on selected papers of AI*IA 2018 conference.

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