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Alex Falcon

PhD student
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Short bio

Alex Falcon is a PhD student at the University of Udine (Italy), in conjunction with Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), since November 2019. His research interests include Predictive Maintenance, Computer Vision, and Video Analysis and Understanding. He holds a Bachelor of Science, and a Master of Science in Computer Science (cum laude) at the University of Udine (Italy). His Master's thesis work, titled “Remaining Useful Life Estimation using LSTM Networks and Attentive mechanisms” revolves around the use of Deep Learning techniques to deal with a well known Predictive Maintenance problem.


"Text-to-Image Synthesis Based on Machine Generated Captions", Marco Menardi, Alex Falcon, Saida S.Mohamed, Lorenzo Seidenari, Giuseppe Serra, Alberto Del Bimbo, Carlo Tasso. 16th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries (IRCDL 2020) 30-31 January 2020 - Bari, Italy, 2020