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OCR - Commercial research and free products

This page provides pointers to commercial available products for machine and hand printed text recognition, pointers to some evaluation tests and to free OCR solutions. 

OCR = Optical character recognition
ICR = Intelligent character recognition - to distinguish recognition of hand- from machine-typed characters.
Reading these acronyms one can realize that the task was one of the first research topics in image analysis, started in '50 (XX Century)

Page index:

  • OCR companies and products for typed and machine printed text recognition
  • ICR companies and products for hand printed / hand written text recognition (now also known as HTR)
  • OCR: tests, evaluations, comments
  • Other links e.g. OCR resources, open source OCRs

OCR companies and products for typed and machine printed text recognition
  • ABBYY software:
    • FineReader, OCR system (standard, professional), FineReader SDK (for Linux too)
    • Mobile OCR Engine
  • Adobe
    • Acrobat Capture, OCR, font, and page recognition. From paper to PDF format. Color, gray level, binary input
  • Aramedia provides
    • VERUS, standard and professional, Arabic OCR
  • Cognitive Enterprises (now see Nuance).
  • Creaceed with:
    • Prizmo OCR for Mac. Scanning and OCR for iOS
  • Aktiv Rekord Hungaria OCR, ICR, OMR and bar codes
  • CTA TextPert DTK from CTA, Ciencia i Tecnologia Aplicada
  • Datacap Inc. Data Capture & Forms Processing Software
  • Electronic Document Technologies
    • EDT OCR and Card Reader Developer's Toolkit
  • ExperVision. Documents reader, complete page recognition
    • TypeReader for end users and for developers (free trial copy)
    • OpenRTK OCR SDK for Mobile and Embedded System
  • Idea Technosoft with ixtract Platform (ixFormCL, ixTexter, ixNamer)
  • Infty Project, with InftyReader
    • Recognize and translate scientific documents, including math symbols into LaTeX, etc. It incorporates the use of three OCR engines.
    • Free demo.
  • Investintech, with Able2Extract
  • IRIS - Office Automation (multiple ICR/OCR engines with voting algorithm):
    • Readiris: OCR software
    • IRISPen: OCR pen input
    • Cardiris: OCR for business card
    • Texiris: OCR for UNIX
  • Ligature Ltd., OCR software
    • CharacterEyes
    • SDK
  • MediaSeek
  • Mentalix, Inc.
    • Pixel!OCRfamily. Multi-engine text, barcode and handprint recognition software for UNIX
  • Neoptec (they acquired Mimetics)
    • Data-Scan form processing
    • EasyReader (?)
  • NovoDynamics developer of
    • VERUS: Middle Eastern language OCR (Arabic, Farsi, Dari, and Pashto)
    • ArborScript: indexing and retrieval of scanned document databases
  • Nuance (formerly ScanSoft, a division of Xerox Corp., which included Caere (which included Calera with WordScan) and Recognita Corporation Hu with Recognita Plus and Recognita Development Toolkit) + Cognitive Enterprises with Cuneiform and Tiger OCR.
    • OmniPage and OmniPage Pro - Optical Character Recognition
    • OmniForm - Electronic Forms Creation, Editing and Filling
    • TextBridge
    • ScanSoft SDK ToolKit for Developers (it was TextBridge API)
  • PrimeRecognition
  • Recogniform Technologies, SpA: OCR, ICR, form identification, form removal. The engine is based on neural networks
    • SDK: DLL, VCL and ActiveX for developers
    • Full applications
  • ReadSoft
  • Sakhrsoft
    • Sakhr OCR: Arabic OCR
  • TopOCR, OCR Software for Camera or Smartphone (Windows) (2009)
  • SimpleOCR (formerly WOCAR)
    • Freeware. Free OCR application and royalty-free OCR toolkit
  • Visioneer
    • OneTouch OCR (scanners)
  • Vividata, Inc.. OCR for Unix and Linux
    • OCR Shop (based on Caere OmniPage technology)

ICR companies and products for hand printed / hand written text recognition (now also known as HTR)
  • A2iA - Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, with CheckReader (CAR and LAR), FieldReader, and AddressReader. Cursive, unconstrained and constrained handwriting and machine-printed recognition software
  • ABBYY software with FormReader, for handprint form processing
  • Aktiv Rekord Hungaria - Forms processing, OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode
  • Accusoft Pegasus. with FormSuite
  • Captiva Software. (= TextWare + Symbus Technology) with Genesis (was it InScript? - where is it now?) and FormWare: Forms processing and reading. Captiva Family
  • CereSoft Inc. with DocAgent, FormAgent and FreeStyle Developers Tool-Kit. Form-processing with freestyle handwriting recognition capability
  • Comcom Systems, Inc. with ELA Recognition Engine API. PC based forms processing
  • CharacTell Ltd. with SoftWriting, and iREAD Forms (voting along with the proprietary engine "ACR"); recognition of unconstrained handprinted notes
  • DocuTec with Docutec Xtract. Now with IRIS
  • GDI, Inc. with WindFormOCR, for handwritten and machine printed characters
  • Greensoft with EasyView ActiveX for Free Form Data Capture, OCR/ICR (based on Kadmos engine for the character classification task)
  • IMPROX Datenverarbeitung GmbH, now named ISIS Knowledge Systems with FormFile, FormReader. Forms processing, OCR, ICR, barcode
  • Neoptec (formerly Mimetics) with EasyReader API (?) and Data-Scan, hand-marked form processing. Recognition of handprinted separated digits or uppercase letters, OCR, barcode, checkboxes
  • Mitek Systems Inc. with Mobile. QuickStrokes API. ICR, OCR, forms, CAR
  • OpenText, formerly Captaris Document Technologies (Captaris acquired Oce' Document Technologies GmbH - formerly CGK: Computer Gesellschaft Konstanz mbH), with the basic engine RecoStar. ICR, OCR and mixed print
  • OrboGraph with OrboCAR. Software-only Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR), Legal Amount Recognition (LAR) engine
  • Oyster Software, Inc. with FormsPro for data capture
  • ParaGraph International, now in PhatWare with CalliGrapher, on-Line Handwriting Recognition System, and various applications.
    WritePad: ICR for Android and Smartphones
  • ParaScript with FieldScript (form field type recognition) and AddressScript (mailing address recognition). Off-Line Handwriting Recognition Systems for cursive handwriting, unconstrained hand print or a combination of the two
  • re Recognition Technology with KADMOS, OCR/ICR engine, developer kit
  • ScanTron (it acquired Pearson NCS), with NestorReader (formerly OMNItools from Nestor Inc.)

OCR: tests, evaluations, comments

Other links e.g. OCR resources, open source OCRs
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