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Internship in the field of Hand tracking for Virtual Reality applications on Cardboard

Virtual Reality (VR) is now become accessible to anyone as it is possible to use the personal mobile device (both Android and iOS) as the processing and visualisation unit. Cardboard  from Google is an open-source project that offers people to experience VR with an affordable headset. Because Cardboard does not have a system that allows a user to fully interact with virtual objects (e.g. via hands), this project will aim to integrate a device for hand tracking (i.e. Leap Motion) with an Android device for VR experience. The Leap Motion will be connected to an embedded device (e.g. RPi) that in turn will stream hand poses via WiFi to an Android device (e.g. Nexus 5X). The Android device will visualise the hand poses using  Unity3D engine.

Required knowledge and skills

Programming language skills

C++, Java, C#

More Information

- FBK Internship opportunities are open to students (pre-lauream internship) and post-graduates (within 12 months from graduation - post lauream internship) only 
- According to the Italian law, post-graduate internships can last up to 6 months and must be activated within 12 months from the graduation.

Thursday, 13 April, 2017

Fabio Poiesi