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Internship in Computer Vision and Planning for Robotics

Autonomous navigation is key to employ robots for search and rescue operations in unexplored and hazardous environments. Visual sensing performed by the robot significantly contributes to its self localisation as the GPS signal could be unavailable.
The goal of this project is to develop an autonomous robotic navigation pipeline that will be deployed and tested on a real drone. The pipeline will employ Computer Vision to sense the environment and planning and scheduling techniques to optimally synthesize a mission plan for autonomous navigation. The candidate student will develop and test these algorithms directly on the robotic platform, such as a quadrotor drone. Algorithms will run onboard and on the base station. The Robotic Operating System (ROS) may be used to communicate control commands to the drone. Field tests will be carried out in outdoor environments.

Required knowledge and skills
Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Graph Theory, Planning and Scheduling

Programming languages
Python, C++

Development Environment
Robotic Operating System

More Information
This FBK Internship opportunity is for Masters' students.

Period Minimum 3 months.

Date From August 2019


Fabio Poiesi -
Marco Roveri -