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Internship in 4D reconstruction for Mixed Reality

Immersive computing represents the next step in human interactions, with digital content that looks and feels as if it is physically in the same room as you. For immersive computing to become mainstream, a vast amount of easy-to-create 4D content will be needed. 4D content means spatial-temporal 3D reconstruction. The goal of this project is to develop robust algorithms for 4D reconstruction that will allow a group of people recording a scene with their mobile to reconstruct its dynamic content in 4D. The development of these algorithms involves scene understanding (detection and segmentation) performed via Deep Learning and 3D reconstruction performed using volumetric techniques. Moreover, Augmented Reality libraries, such as ARCore, will be used to localise mobiles in an environment.

Required knowledge and skills
Computer Vision, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Deep Learning

Programming languages
Python, C++

Development Environment

More Information
This FBK Internship opportunity is for both Bachelor and Masters' students

Period Minimum 3 months

Date From August 2019


Fabio Poiesi -