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DIPLODOC road stereo sequence - dataset

DIPLODOC road stereo sequence contains a labeled road stereo sequence taken from an in-vehicle camera for evaluation of road detection algorithms.

The sequence consists of 865 image pairs taken from a stereo camera mounted on a moving vehicle.  You can use these images to benchmark your stereo algorithm for road segmentation and obstacle detection.
The road region is manually segmented and it is proposed as ground truth for performance evaluation of road detection algorithms.
The sequence is the composition of five subsequences, each of them presenting very different traffic and road conditions: from highway-like roads to urban scenarios with crossroads, parking lots and complex environment; from congested traffic to completely free road.
The images were captured on July, 16 2004, about 11 a.m., near Trento, ITALY.

The acquisition device is a Videre Design MEGA-D stereo camera pair installed near the rearview mirror. The sequence is 15 fps, 320x240, color. The images are saved in a lossless format (PNG) without any pre-processing.
The stereo pair is calibrated with the SVS software and the camera parameters are included in the downloadable file.


which contains:

  • FBK Technical Report (roadseqgt.pdf)
  • .tgz of the labelled data  (gtseq002836.tgz) 
  • dataset readme file (README.txt)
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Application cases: 

Available for download. This stereo image archive is provided for research or academic purposes only. Publications that include results obtained with this database should please refer to the following document, downloadable on the right-hand-side

M.Zanin, S. Messelodi, C.M. Modena, DIPLODOC road stereo sequence - FBK Technical Report Nr. 164010

Examples of usage of our sequence to show their algorithms results in the computer vision community are provided in the following videos: