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PhD Studentship on "Vision for multimedia understanding"

Closing Date: May 27, 2015

Two PhD openings at the Center for Information Technology, FONDAZIONE BRUNO KESSLER:

These positions will be part of the Joint Project "Understanding Multimedia Content (UMC)" of the Cognitive Computing research line ( at FBK. The UMC project is developed in collaboration between the Natural Language Processing research unit ( the Technologies for Vision research unit ( and the Data and Knowledge Management research unit (


Multimedia content analysis more and more relies on advanced machine learning to capture the enormous richness of multi-modal sources (commented videos, images with captions, etc.). At the other side, domain specific knowledge is often available to leverage the content analysis task, but effectively encoding it into machine learning (down to the development of task-specific feature representations) is still an open research issue. The goal of this PhD is to progress on the computer vision side of the problem, to go beyond a mono-modal approach where supervisions for learning are provided explicitly. Instead, we will investigate how structured (background knowledge) and semi-structured data (e.g. text captions and descriptions) can be used to provide implicit supervision to enrich the task-specific visual learning capabilities.

Informal enquiries about this position to Dr. Oswald Lanz

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