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  1. Alessandro Santuari; Oswald Lanz; Roberto Brunelli,
    Synthetic Movies for Computer Vision Applications,
    This paper presents a real time graphical simulator based on a client-server architecture. The rendering engine, supported by a specialized client application for the automatic generation of goal oriented motion of synthetic characters, is used to produce realistic image sequences for extensive performance assessment of computer vision algorithms,
  2. Michele Zanin,
    An Efficient Vehicle Queue Detection System Based on Image Processing,
    This paper describes a method for the real-time measurement of vehicle queue parameters in a video-based traffic monitoring experimental system. The method proposed here is based on vehicle presence detection and movement analysis in video sequences acquired by a stationary camera. Queues are detected and characterized by a severity index. Intensive experiments show the robustness of the method under varying illumination and weather conditions. The system is presently undergoing an on-field testing phase in a double ways road near Trento, Italy, where queues frequently occur,
  3. Claudio Andreatta,
    Monotonic Tree e Regions Monotonic Tree,
    The definition of monotonic tree is investigated and the new definition of regions monotonic tree is proposed. The new definition rely on a generic notion of adjacency on the digital plane and it is formally proved that is equivalent to the original one. An efficient algorithm is proposed for the construction of the regions monotonic tree along with examples on its application to image processing,
  4. Michela Lecca,
    Object Retrieval in Digital Images Using Subgraph Isomorphism,
    This work presents a method for object recognition in digital images based on Graph Theory. We aim at establishing if a given object is present in an image. To do this, we describe the object and the image by a labeled topological graph. The search of the object in the image is done testing the existence of a subgraph isomorphism between the topological graph associated to the object and the topological graph associated to the image. Our method to detect labeled subgraph isomorphisms is based on an analysis of the breadth first search trees and on the construction of an isomorphism by an extension procedure. The method has been applied to the object retrieval in digital images; each object and image region represented by the vertices of the topological graph is described by a feature vector; the similarity between two regions is measured calculating the L1-distance between the corresponding feature vectors; the L1 - norm is used also to define a cost for each isomorphism; by a thresholding strategy based on the distance analysis only the isomorphisms of interest can be selected,
  5. Roberto Brunelli; Ornella Mich,
    Warped Metrics for Image Similarity Retrieval,
    SPIE Electronic Imaging 2002,
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  6. K. Kunkelmann; Roberto Brunelli,
    Advanced indexing and retrieval in present-day content management system,
    Proceedings of 28th Euromicro Conference [EUROMICRO'02],
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  7. Stefano Messelodi; Carla Maria Modena,
    Low Level Processing of Color Document Images,
    Color is an extremely useful cue that is used for adding information in documents. Document image understanding takes advantage from the implicit or explicit knowledge on the use of color in document production. This knowledge has to be exploited starting from the low level tasks. In this report low level image processing functions, particularly suited for the processing of scanned color documents images, are considered and analyzed in a brief survey. Extensions of some edge detection and edge preserving smoothing algorithms to the color domain are introduced,
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    Histograms analysis for image retrieval,
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  9. Michele Zanin,
    Tecniche di visione artificiale applicate al controllo del traffico: rilevamento di code e conteggio classificato di veicoli,
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