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Alessio Xompero

PhD student
Short bio

Alessio is a PhD Candidate at Queen Mary University of London.  He works on an Audio-Visual Intelligent Sensing Project with a joint studentship (2015-2019) of FBK and QMUL under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Cavallaro (QMUL) and Oswald Lanz (FBK).

Alessio obtained both the Bachelor degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering (2008-2012) and the Master degree (2-years) in Telecommunications Engineering (2012-2015) at University of Trento, Italy. He took his master thesis project (March-August 2014) on Multiple Object Tracking with the PERCEPTION team at INRIA Grenoble Rhone-Alpes, under the supervision of Prof. Radu Horaud (INRIA) and Nicola Conci (MMLAB, UNITN), and co-advised by Xavier-Alameda Pineda and Sileye Ba. After the Master, he collaborated with the MMLAB (UNITN) for 5 months before starting the PhD programme.

Research interests
mobile camera networks audio-visual object tracking audio-visual calibration
S. Ba, X. Alameda-Pineda, A. Xompero, and R. Horaud, “An On-line Variational Bayesian Model for Multi-Person Tracking from Cluttered Scenes”, in  Computer Vision and Image Understanding, vol. 153, pp. 64-76, 2016.
X. Qian, A. Xompero, A. Brutti, O. Lanz, M. Omologo, and A. Cavallaro, ”3D mouth tracking from a compact microphone array co-located with a camera", in proc. International Conference on Acustics, Speech and Signal Processing - ICASSP 2018, Calgary, Canada, April 2018.