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Stefano Messelodi

Head of Unit
  • Phone: 0461314509
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Stefano Messelodi was born in Arco (Italy) in 1961. He graduated in computer science from the University of Milan (Italy).  Since 1986 he is working in FBK (ITC-irst), Trento, Italy, where he coordinated the Technologies of Vision research unit till 2012. His research interests include text localization in scene, semantic image labelling and dynamic scene understanding. He served as a reviewer for several journals and conferences. He is a member of IEEE Society and International Association for Pattern Recognition.
He currently coordinates the research unit TeV.

Research interests
people re-identification text localization in scene document image analysis traffic analysis
  1. Stefano Messelodi; Carla Maria Modena,
    VCB: A Video Clip Browser and More,
    Browsing is an interactive process through which the user decide when and where to focus the attention within a large database, by example in order to retrieve information in a video stream. This paper presents the 'Video Clip Browser', a set of tools designed to easily navigate into video clips, as well as some utilities for the automatic search of particular frames of the video stream. A peculiarity of this system is that the browsing tools can be used in an interleaved way giving high flexibility to the navigation process,
  2. Stefano Messelodi,
    A Review on Iconic Indexing for Large Visual Databases,
    The amount of information stored in form of images, pictures or videos is undergoing a tremendous growth in these years. The developement of techniques for the automatic management of such a bulk of information is becoming a key iussue. This report presents a survey of recent techniques for automatic picture indexing and their application to image retrieval, image reconstruction and spatial reasoning about the objects in the images. Our emphasis is on the 2D string approach,