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Stefano Messelodi

Head of Unit
  • Phone: 0461314509
  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Stefano Messelodi was born in Arco (Italy) in 1961. He graduated in computer science from the University of Milan (Italy).  Since 1986 he is working in FBK (ITC-irst), Trento, Italy, where he coordinated the Technologies of Vision research unit till 2012. His research interests include text localization in scene, semantic image labelling and dynamic scene understanding. He served as a reviewer for several journals and conferences. He is a member of IEEE Society and International Association for Pattern Recognition.
He currently coordinates the research unit TeV.

Research interests
people re-identification text localization in scene document image analysis traffic analysis
  1. Zanin M.; Messelodi S.; Modena C.M.,
    DIPLODOC road stereo sequence,
    In this note we describe a road stereo sequence acquired, stored and labelled for evaluation purposes in the DIPLODOC project. The sequence, covering different scenarios, and its ground-truth, is made freely available on the web as a common base for the evaluation of road and obstacle detection algorithms.,
  2. P. Chippendale; M. Zanin; C. Andreatta; S. Messelodi; O. Lanz,
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  6. O. Lanz; S. Messelodi,
    Workshop on VIdeo Surveillance projects in ITaly, VISIT 2011,
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  7. M. Lecca; S. Messelodi,
    Von Kries Model Under Planckian Illuminants: An Empirical Analysis,
    This is a technical report, that investigate the relation between two models for describing the variation of the colors due to a photmetric change.

    Planckian illuminants and the von Kries diagonal model are commonly assumed by many computer vision algorithms for modeling the color variations between two images of a same scene captured under two different illuminants.
    In this work we provide a method to estimate a von Kries transform approximating a Planckian illuminant change and we show that the Planckian assumption constraints the von Kries coefficients to belong to a ruled surface depending on physical cues of the lights. Moreover, we provide an approximated parametric representation of such a surface, making evident the dependence of the von Kries transform on the light color temperature and on the intensity.

  8. S. Messelodi,
    Recent research activities and result at FBK-TeV group,
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  10. A. Pnevmatikakis; N. Katsarakis; P. Chippendale; C. Andreatta; S. Messelodi; C.M. Modena; F. Tobia,
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