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Short bio

Massimiliano is a PhD Candidate in Engineering in Computer Science at  University of Rome " La Sapienza", in conjunction with Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

After receiving his Bachelor degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering from University of Perugia in 2014, he continued his studies at University of Rome "La Sapienza", where he received his Master degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in 2016. His research interests are deep learning, scene understanding and robot vision.

Research interests
deep learning scene understanding robot vision

1. Mancini, Massimiliano; Rota Bulò, Samuel; Ricci, Elisa; Caputo, Barbara, Learning Deep NBNN Representations for Robust Place Categorization, in «IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS», vol. 2, n. 3, 2017, pp. 1794-1801