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News and events

  • S. Rota Bulo', P. Kontschieder
    Online Learning with Bayesian Classification Trees
    Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2016 (Spotlight)
  • S. Tulyakov, X. Alameda-Pineda, E. Ricci, L. Yin, J. F. Cohn, N. Sebe
    Self-Adaptive Matrix Completion for Heart Rate Estimation from Face Videos under Realistic Conditions
    Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2016 (Oral)
  • X. Alameda-Pineda, E. Ricci, Y. Yan, N. Sebe
    Recognizing Emotions from Abstract Paintings using Non-Linear Matrix Completion
  • M. Lecca, M. Gottardi, E. Farella, B. Milosevic
    An always-on low power optical system for skin-based touchless machine control,
    Journal of the Optical Society of America A
  • M. Rusci, D. Rossi, M. Lecca, M. Gottardi, E. Farella, L. Benini
    An Event-Driven Ultra-Low-Power Smart Visual Sensor
    IEEE Sensors Journal
  • S. Rota Bulò, L. Porzi, P. Kontschieder
    Dropout Distillation
    International Conference on Machine Learning, New York City, NY, USA  June 19-24, 2016
  • G. Zen, L. Porzi, E. Sangineto, E. Ricci and N. Sebe
    Learning Personalized Models for Facial Expression Analysis and Gesture Recognition
    IEEE Transaction on Multimedia, 2016
  • P. Kontschieder, M. Fiterau, A. Criminisi, S. Rota Bulò
    Deep Neural Decision Forests
    International Conference on Computer Vision, Santiago, Chile, December 13-16, 2015
  • M. Lecca, A. Rizzi and G. Gianini
    Energy-driven path search for Termite Retinex
    Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 33(1):31-39 (2016)

for the paper

  • X. Alameda-Pineda, Y. Yan, E. Ricci, O. Lanz, N. Sebe
    Analyzing Free-standing Conversational Groups: a Multimodal Approach
    In ACM Multimedia (ACM MM), 26 - 30 October 2015, Brisbane, Australia
  • S. Messelodi, C.M. Modena
    Boosting Fisher Vector based Scoring Functions for Person Re-Identification
    Image and Vision Computing, Vol. 44, pp 44-58, 2015