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  • Jagannadan Varadarajan, Ramanathan Subramanian, Samuel Rota Bulò, Narendra Ahuja, Oswald Lanz, Elisa Ricci
    Joint Estimation of Human Pose and Conversational Groups from Social Scenes
    International  Journal of  Computer Vision, 2017
  • M. Lecca, A. Rizzi and R. P. Serapioni
    GRASS: A Gradient-Based Random Sampling Scheme for Milano Retinex
    IEEE Transactions on Image Processing [doi]
  • S. Rota Bulo', G. Neuhold, P. Kontschieder
    Loss Max-Pooling for Semantic Image Segmentation
  • D. Xu, E. Ricci, W. Ouyang, X. Wang, N. Sebe
    Multi-Scale Continuous CRFs as Sequential Deep Networks for Monocular Depth Estimation
  • D. Xu, W. Ouyang, E. Ricci, X. Wang, N. Sebe
    Learning Cross-Modal Deep Representations for Robust Pedestrian Detection
  • X. Alameda-Pineda, A. Pilzer, D. Xu, N.Sebe, E. Ricci
    Viraliency: pooling local virality

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), July 2017, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Dr. Paul Chippendale (FBK), Prof. Gaetano Cascini (Politecnico di Milano) present two H2020 Creativity projects: REPLICATE and SPARK

22 March 2017 - 11:00 am Stringa Conference Room (Trento - Povo, FBK, Via Sommarive 18)​

The photo of the TeV team has been updated in the home page slides.

  • G. Simone, E. Cordone, R.P. Serapioni, M. Lecca
    On Edge-Aware Path-based Color Spatial Sampling for Retinex: from Termite Retinex to Light Energy-driven Termite Retinex
    SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging
  • M. Lecca, O. Da Pos
    Communications and Comments
    Cultura e Scienza del Colore - Color Culture and Science, pp. 82-84, N. 6, 2016
  • S. Rota Bulo', B. Biggio, I. Pillai, M. Pelillo, F. Roli
    Randomized Prediction Games for Adversarial Machine Learning
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
  • L. Porzi, S. Rota Bulo', A. Penate-Sanchez, E. Ricci, F. Moreno-Noguer
    Learning Depth-aware Deep Representations for Robotic Perception
    IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
  • D. Xu, J. Song, X. Alameda-Pineda, E. Ricci, and N. Sebe
    Multi-Paced Dictionary Learning for Cross-Domain Retrieval and Recognition
    IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Cancun, Mexico, 2016

The Technical Program Committee of ICPR, the premier international pattern recognition conference serie, has selected five best scientific papers to award, one for each ICPR Track. The Awards have been offered by Educational INTEL.

  • Two PhD Studentships in "Audio-Visual Intelligent Sensing" with Queen Mary University of London. See in the Open positions section.