Automatic PhotoOverlays

Automatic PhotoOverlays

A possible way to visualize the output of our Marmota system, is through GoogleEarth’s PhotoOverlays. From the extracted alignment parameters, it is immediate to produce the necessary kml code to embed the considered photo in the Earth’s landscape.

This screenshot presents a semi-transparent labelled photo, aligned with the syntethic world of Google Earth. You can play with it yourself: just load this kmz file kmz file into your local installation of GoogleEarth.

The author of the photo is Paul Chippendale and the white and blue building is FBK-Irst, the place where we work.

The stimulus for writing about PhotoOverlay visualization comes from today’s post of the Google Earth Blog. After describing some features of our system, they say: “I would like to see this kind of technology to automatically match Panoramio photos to where they were taken so you can view them in PhotoOverlays in GE.”.

You can find other examples of Marmota generated PhotoOverlays in our gallery, or you can download any of the following kmz files: Allalinhorn (author Luca Cristoforetti), Sunset (author Paul Chippendale),  Malghetto (author Diego Zanin), FBK (author Paul Chippendale), Adige (author Michele Zanin).

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