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Internship in the field of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has only recently become accessible to anyone. Personal mobile devices (both Android and iOS) are now capable enough to handle all of the processing and visualisation onboard.  Cardboard from Google [], is one example of an open-source project that offers people a taste of VR at virtually now cost. However, such VR experiences are generally single-person.

Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs), although conceptualised 20 years ago, are undergoing a research revival, thanks to Apple, Microsoft and Google entering the playing field. Hence the race is on to make them devices and software fast, practical and affordable enough for mass deployment. 
In this project, candidate students will help to bring CVEs to the masses using smartphones, cardboard and natural interfaces. We will guide you though the usage of Unity 3D [], Google Daydream, Leap Motion [] and the integration of smartphone sensors to create unique virtual experiences for multiple users to interact inside the same virtual environment.
Required knowledge and skills
Programming languages:
C++, Java, C#
More Information
- Applications must be submitted by clicking on “Apply Online” at the bottom of this page:  Internship_in_the_field_of_Virtual_Reality. Please make sure to attach your CV and short cover letter as one single file.
- FBK Internship opportunities are open to students (pre-lauream internship) and post-graduates (within 12 months from graduation - post lauream internship) only 
- According to the Italian law, post-graduate internships can last up to 6 months and must be activated within 12 months from the graduation.
Wednesday, 27 September, 2017

Fabio Poiesi