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Call for papers

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(please check deadline extension in each conference web site)

DAS 2018, 13th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems
Vienna, Austria, April 24-27, 2018
(deadline: past)

ICPRAI 2018, International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
Montreal, Canada, May 14-17, 2018
(deadline: past)

FG 2018, IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition
Xi'an, China, May 16-18, 2018
(deadline: past)

GraVisMa 2018, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Computational Mathematics
Pilsen, Czech Republic, May 28 -June 1. 2018
(deadline: past)

MMSys 2018, ACM Multimedia Systems Conference
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 12-15, 2018
(deadline: past)

CVPR 2018, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Salt Lake City, UT, USA, June 19-21, 2018
(deadline: past)

ICIAR 2018, International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition
Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, June 17-29, 2018
(deadline: past)

ICFHR 2018, International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition
Niagara Falls, USA, August 5-8, 2018
(deadline: past)

S+SSPR 2018, IAPR Joint International Workshops on Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition (SPR) and Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition (SSPR)
Beijing, China, August 17-19, 2018
(deadline: April 15, 2018)

ICPR 2018, International Conference on Pattern Recognition
Beijing, China, August 20-24, 2018
(deadline: past)

BMVC 2018, British Machine Vision Conference
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, September 3-6, 2018
(deadline: April 30, 2018)

ICDSC 2018, 12th ACM  International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras
Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 3-6, 2018
(deadline: May 4, 2018)

CBMI 2018, International Conference on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing
La Rochelle, France, September 4-6, 2018
(deadline: May 4, 2018)

3DV 2018, International Conference on 3D Vision
Verona, Italy, September 5-8, 2018
(deadline: May 25, 2018)

ECCV 2018, European Conference on Computer Vision
Munich, Germany, September 8-14, 2018
(deadline: past

ACMM 2018, ACM Multimedia
Seul, Korea, October 22-26, 2018
(deadline: March 30, 2018)

VISAPP 2019, 14th International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications 
Prague, Czech Republic, February 25-27, 2019
(deadline: October 1., 2018)

ICPR 2020, 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition
Milan, Italy, August 31-September 4, 2020
(deadline: )

journal special issues

Computer Visione and Imaga Understanding
Special Issue on Adversarial Learning in Computer Vision
(deadline: June 15, 2018)

Patter Recognition Letters
Special Issue on Learning and Recognition for Assistive Computer Vision
(deadline: June 30, 2018)

Journal of Electronic Imaging
special Issue on Multimedia Content Analysis and Applications
(deadline: July 30, 2018)

Multimedia Tools and Applications
Special Issue on Intelligent Analysis for Big Video Data
(deadline:August 1., 2018)